Working with fiber is so organic, there is something just magical
when it all takes form and little joy bubbles erupt!




As an artisan I have worked in a variety of media. My discovery of felting and fiber arts brings together a melding of passions from sculpting, playing with color and the tactile art of creating. I have always been curious and find the path of learning and experimenting to be a continual source of creative inspiration. My approach to teaching is to explore and discover while having fun. The reward is seeing the excitement in students as they challenge themselves and succeed. 



Jenn Kulick

Owner of Suzoo’s Wool Works

Bandera, TX

Marti Swanson has been an integral part of many events at my shop as well at festivals. She is one of our most innovative and inspired teachers. She offers her students not only proven finished samples of her talent but enough time to create in the same light that in which she has created. We often have return students wishing to take the same class again which is always a good sign of a great teacher. And as a shop owner I’ve had residual sales from her classes because students are so excited to take the next step. What impresses us as event planners is that Marti provides us the complete package including stellar photography, well written descriptions and when it comes to the day of the class she lives up to and goes beyond her words and photographs. For this we consider Marti to be one of our premier teacher/artisans in the Texas fiber arts community.

Jenn Kulick

Owner of Suzoo’s Wool WorksBandera, TX


(Seguin Art League)

I am amazed at the variety of shapes, colors and imaginative creatures that can be crafted from wool felting. I'm so proud that the Seguin Art League has so many fiber artists among our members. 

— Liz (Seguin Art League)


Austin, TX

I really like your work!  All of it, all of the time. I am interested in  taking some of your classes. — Notia


(Wet Felt Student)

New Braunfels, TX

Classes with Marti are inspiring- fun - and encouraginging! Her teaching methods are clear and consise. Her detailed teaching and tips help make your felting projects flow.

— Sondra (Wet Felt Student)

Jenn Kulick

Owner of Suzoo’s Wool Works

Bandera, TX



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